About Us

Forevermore Aussies is located in Finland, in a city called Tampere. The first Australian Shepherd came to our family in 2000. A sweet, red boy made us all fell in love with the breed. In the following years I have got more aussies and have became active in showing and competing with our dogs. Forevermore prefix was approved in 2010 by the FCI.


I don’t remember the first time forevermore as word caught my eye. Over the years I had saved several possible options for my future prefix and forevermore was one of them. I like its old fashioned charm and its meaning of eternity. At the time I was applying my prefix Huugo was in really bad shape, and the eternity (forevermore) spoke loudly to me. So it came my first option, and was approved. Later on I remembered that one of my favorite bands as a teenager has a beautiful song called ‘Forever more’. So it feels like it’s meant to be.


Our family has always have dogs. Before Aussies we had a boxer and an English Bulldog. My very first own dog was a mixed breed “Roni”, whom I got when I was 12 years old. Our first Aussie arrived to the household in July 2000. “Bruno” was a lovely dog, who was the reason for me to try different dog sports, and fall (madly, truly and deeply) for the dog shows. One could say that the decision to acquire “Bruno” was made too quickly, but I haven’t regretted a single day ever since. Because of him, I found my breed. Aussies have enriched my life for two decades now, with highest of the highs and lowest of the lows, and I cannot imagine my life without them. The thing I love about Aussies the most is their versatility. What ever you want to do with your dog (be it shows, obedience, rally, working dog sports, water rescue, herding, frisbee, mushing…) Aussie is always ready. They aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but they surely are mine.

I never really planned to become a breeder, but like so many people before me, I realized that a best way to get a dog you want is to breed one. That idea, combined with the awful experiences of seizing dogs, got me interested in the breeding aspect of the dog world. I haven’t bred a litter yet, and still change my mind day to day basis whether I should become a breeder or not. They say breeding isn’t for the faint of heart, and I believe it’s true. Breeding is a huge responsibility, both towards the dogs you breed (and their owners) and towards the breed as a whole as well. And no matter how smart you are about it, sometimes mother nature likes to throw a curveball. So, that’s a lot to think through. To which direction my breeder path goes, you’ll find out (in time) here on this site.


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